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      Victoria Gilbert

      Dreamt about my great grandmother, but saw her come up to me at a restaurant I was at with school people or it could have been family, but I was taking pictures with her and introducing her as my great grandmother
      Then the scene switched to me with a group of students swimming with fish. We were studying the fish and their habits some students swam with the fish, some began to play with the fish, one fish was hugging a student and wouldn’t let go there was a student pulling the other student’s leg but the fish was still holding on but finally after several tries the fish let go with the help of several students not giving up. The place we were at looked a little familiar, but the exit to the open water was different. I didn’t recognize that. It was like I had been there before almost like the house we lived in, in Madison.
      I also dreamt about being at school and helping teachers. I was asking questions of them from the perspective of someone who will Create change, but they didn’t realize my position. They didn’t realize that their answers were very important. I was in a classroom doing a presentation and then I went to ask the questions during the teachers lunch break.
      Then I woke up.

      It’s important to know that I am an assistant principal whose students are not doing well. Their test scores are prompting my principal and her leaders to rethink my position.
      I am also a pastor’s wife. My family moved to this city 4 years ago when my husband was appointed as pastor.

      Thank you!

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      Hello Victoria,
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      These are both powerful dreams and your personal comment at the end confirmed what I believe the Lord is telling you.

      Stick with the souls (fish) whoever they represent no matter what. They need you! Don’t quit (school or church) at this time. If anything changes, let it come from the school or church but not you. You also need to be humble and teachable in your approach. May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom on how to reach ALL souls.


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