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    Lauren Pettit

    Hi, I really could use your prayers I am trying to complete the fruitfullness fast. I have been trying since January 7th. My mother quit the fast and I am still trying to hold on. Praise Jesus that the fast has brought breakthrough into my finances as I have been struggling to move into a certain job position since August 2018 and I have a lot of school loans to pay off.

    My father is an unbeliever and the spiritual air is very conflicted in our home. My mother and I often do not have the opportunity to cleanse the house as often as we need b/c of my dads work hrs. Often we try to cleanse it together but she gets angry with me if it takes too long it takes about 2 hours. I could use any prayers and sound advice on what to do. With an unbelieving father and my mother struggles with unbelief and a lack of faith. My father has been emotionally and verbally abusive in the past but praise God since the new year he has not had an outburst towards us!!

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    Lauren- GOD Bless you stand on the faith Jesus has placed in your hearts. Pray and fast for the salvation of your Father. God is going to bless your household. Keep seeking him for directives and remember he knows all and sees all.

    Pray for peace in every situation concerning your family. and love your Dad to Christ. Praying for you guys that your Father will receive the deliverance the Father desire him to have.

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    Please pray Richard gets all his work done and receives all information, hidden and unhidden, today by Gods grace, he has to put a big meeting together Tuesday and had a stressful weekend, my fault. Pray he is safe in the rain. Pray for his health that he fends off sickness, and is not suffering a cold today. Pray please that everything go his way today for him and for his bosses, that he have ease and favor, please. He deserves it. He is trying very hard.

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