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      Good morning. I’m requesting prayer, specifically for my very strong willed 4 year old son. He is incredibly smart, loving and sweet, but he is also very challenging and willful and stubborn. My husband and I have been praying but we have yet to see permanent improvement. His behavior is taking a toll on us and our other children and affecting the atmosphere in our home. We need him to yield to the Lord and to submit to the Holy Spirit and our godly authority.

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      El Gibhor, The Almighty God. The creator of the earth, heaven and the universe as a whole. I thank you for Lindsay’s son. I thank you that he is blessed by you Almighty. I thank you that you have chosen him to be a smart child and loving. I pray that you cover him by your blood Lord Jesus so that the enemy does not take advantage of him and use him in doing wrong. Yahweh you say let small children come to me for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. We are bringing this young boy to you Abba Father. We are asking you to train and guide him. Be his Rabi Lord to respect his parents and to be submissive to them. For you say children need to obey their parents. I know you are the best teacher ever, so do your usual thing Lord. In Jesus name l pray. Amen

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      Breanna Taylor

      Lord, you said you would reach our children and that your peace would be upon them. I thank you for this beautiful blessing of a 4 year old child that you have instructed and put your peace upon in Jesus name. I thank you for all demonic influences in the bloodline being eradicated in Jesus name and any negative word spoken over this child to cease to exist in Jesus name. I thank you that this child will be a great example to the siblings in the home and other children in Jesus name. This child will grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and men just like Jesus did! In Jesus name, amen!

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