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      Karen Holden

      Good Afternoon,

      I had a dream today (May 21st) that I believe God is trying to tell me something- I say that because when I saw the June prophetic word in my email it mentions a rain storm. Anyway this is the dream I had:

      I was driving and I had a car full of ladies with me- in the front seat was one of my cousins and in the back seat was my now deceased mom. There were two other ladies but I couldn’t make out who they were. We were driving along and suddenly it starts raining. My mom tells to to pull over before it starts storming to hard. I tell her no I believe I can get further along before it gets to bad. I look in my rear view mirror and it is now hailing. The it starts snowing in a matter of minutes. The car is slipping into the other lanes, but I never get hit. I am trying to control the car but no matter how much I put on the brakes the car keeps going. I can’t control the car- I am driving with my eyes closed at this point and I am praying/ pleading with God. I am asking God to please allow us to be safe. I hear my mom in the back seat, praying also asking God to not let the church bus get damaged.

      Then I woke up. I know this is a message from God please help me with insight on this one.

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      Hello Karen,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      A “storm” is coming your way and you need to pay attention to the Holy Spirit (your Mum) promptings and leading. This situation may (obey what the Holy Spirit tells you) or not be averted (not being in control) and it depends on your response now (time of dream) and in the future. Start praying for your spiritual eyes to be open and wisdom to address any situation coming or has come your way since the time of posting your dream.


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