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      Pauline O’Brien

      Hi my son James has had terrible health issues on going and lately has been in a lot of pain. Drs saying auto immune where after a bad flu body starts attacking own cells. I dont want to accept that. Jas just started trying to go to church lately but he seems to get attacked physically any time he tries to go forward in life or with God.
      He gets very weak and tired plus pain to the pointI have seen him shake picking up a cup .
      Thank you for prayers and discernment.

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      Heavenly Father, You are the great physician. You love James. I pray against any unloving spirit in his life. I bind all unloving spirits around him and send them to hell. I loose the perfect love that cast out all fear over him. Father, I ask that you would give James a fresh revelation of your love for him and that he would experience your presence.

      In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen

      Pauline, I believe that auto immune sickness may be caused by an unloving spirit oppressing him. Since the body is attacking itself. I hope this is helpful. Have him read scriptures that talk about the love of Christ, who he is in Christ. He needs to fight those lies with the truth.

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      Beloved Child

      I pray Lord God in the name of Jesus for James, that you will heal him and make him whole in his body. We know Lord God that you love him dearly and that you have a wonderful plan for his life in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lord God, You are the Great I am and the Healer of all who ask You for healing with a genuine heart. This mother Lord God, Pauline, asks You to heal her son, and we know that it is in Your will to make him whole, touch him Lord in Jesus name! Amen!

      Thank you!

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      Geri Costello

      Dear Lord,
      We plead the Blood of Jesus over James’ immune system, over his mind, his heart, his emotions and his body in Jesus Name. We ask Lord that you release complete healing in James, physically, spiritually and emotionally in Jesus Name. Any negative words or confessions spoken over/ by James We declare null and void and we speak strength and power to you James in Jesus Name. Lord I ask that James experiences a real deep revelation of your presence and love which empowers James and increases his faith and intimate connection with you Lord in real terms in Jesus Name. N weapon formed against James will prosper. I declare peace over James and his family in Jesus Name he is the righteousness of God because of what Jesus has done for him on the cross. James is forgiven. ( if there is anyone James needs to forgive in his life, if he can forgive them it will release healing in his life) God Bless.. Big hug xx Geri

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