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      Good day,
      Please help! I have had a dream(s) that is “haunting” me… I cannot interpret it.
      It started where I was in a dark room (yet I could see well). There was a little girl that I saw, with her back towards me. She had blond hair and was dressed in winter nighties. The next thing I saw, is that she was on a bed, on her back, and she was pushing a door (with a silver handle) closed with both her feet. She had “brown school shoes…toughees, on). She seemed afraid as she was trying to keep someone or something from coming through the door…the door was not locked. I knew this as the door kept opening up whenever she released her pressure on the door. Yet, she was strong enough to keep it closed with her feet.
      I did not feel afraid in the dream… I did not feel anything…
      I suddenly woke up and was totally confused. And this is really strange: Normally, I will not be able to go back to sleep, nevermind dream again. Yet I did.
      The dream continued.
      The girl and bed was not there anymore. The door was… I opened the door and walked through into a kind of a pasture. There was one lonely tree and grass.
      The grass was not your typical field grass. It was something like kikuyu grass, which was tall and thick.
      It felt like it was the start of winter, but the grass was still greenish.
      I saw three calves. To the left side, in front, two were lying in the grass, with their heads facing away from me, in the same direction. They were in a type op kneeling position (not weird….just all four legs tugged underneath the body, very neat). The strange thing was that their outer hide was skinned off. The inner hide (fleshy part) was still around the insides. It was still very glimmery, so I believe that these two were dead, but not for long. It was still “fresh bodies” and warm. It did not smell of death or anything. I was not afraid or sad. It did not feel like it was our animals (we live on a farm).
      To my right hand side was the third calf. It was on its back. It was still alive and not skinned as the other two (it had brown curly hair as its body was ready for the winter… i.e., a winter coat), but I knew that it was dying as it was in a ” sitting position”, which is unnatural. Its front legs were moving up and down, but the rest of the body was quite stiff. I felt it was some kind of tick-bite-fever that we get here in South Africa. If a tick bites the animals on their tails, their bodies become stiff and you are normally not able to save the animal…its normally very difficult to save them.
      I felt in the dream that I could do nothing. I was not upset (as I would usually be).
      Then I woke up…
      And this was when I was upset for the first time. I was so sad and scared and confused.
      I am still feeling almost the same even though I have been praying and trying to understand the meaning of it all.
      I am really unrestfull!
      Please can you help?

      Kind regards,

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      Hello Joe,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Dream #1: I believe that this might be a vision and represents and actual child as described. She may be sexually and/or physically abused.

      Dream #2: I think God decided to use this imagery as it might get your attention better, I’m not sure if you are a farmer or not. There might be three children that might be experiencing what the child in your first dream is going through. These children (I think represented by calves) may appear alright but all is not well.

      May the Holy Spirit give you clarity in Jesus’s Almighty Name I pray, Amen!


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