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      I will only discuss the dream. I will try to explain this “dream” as best I can without getting off topic.

      I can’t recall the exact date that I experienced this dream but back in 2016 in January or February I was alone in my roommates room while he was at work. I was Experiencing some deep issues which led to an extreme need to connect to God. I was experiencing sleep paralysis frequently at this time and even experiencing dreams that I was aware of being aware in those dreams and having the ability to have control of myself in the dreams. I even witnessed myself crying in the dark on a couch that I was just crying on by myself moments ago, but do not recall falling asleep.

      Of course, like yourself, I did a lot of researching to feed my curiosity about my personal experiences. The point I’m trying to make here is that, I read somewhere that being able to part from the flesh and back again with no guide is not spiritually safe.

      On that day in the beginning of 2016, it was raining outside and very gloomy and cold. I had the sheet on the window off to that day to shed the gloomy natural light as I watched the rain outside. This is an important detail I need to add, im not trying to bore you with irrelevant details. . I layed on the bed on my back with no pillows, crying and praying to God. I was sincerely and genuinely praying to God. I could feel my own sincerity and I truly believed and felt I was being heard.

      At times when I’ve slept flat on my back and with my arms to my side and legs straight out, is when I was able to “disconnect”. But it is not that simple when your actually trying to do it versus falling asleep and it just happening “naturally”
      As I lay there, pouring out my heartache and begging for forgiveness and guidance from his angel servants, and asking God “out of billions of people on earth, what could my purpose here possibly be?”.

      At the end of my prayer, (my eyes still closed) I felt my sins from that moment and back had been forgiven which is important for the next step. You need to be absolved of your sins and technically not have committed any new ones yet in order to have a “pure” soul when you “disconnect”. Now, I know this sounds crazy, and this is just something that I thought about because it made sense to me and I believed in it with a genuinely sincere mimd and heart. It would not feel right to bring my filth and sin into this other “realm” and be unguided and unprotected and without permission and direction. I was not looking to fly around like an idiot for my own gratification.

      I then asked God to send me a guide, to guide me and protect me and to show me what my purpose is, or a sign. I ended the prayer with an “Amen.”
      As I lay there on my back and eyes closed I know I needed to stay perfectly still, yet comfortable at the same time. I really wasn’t checking the time so not sure how long it took me to successfully achieve this expirence, this “dream”.

      I just layer there ,with my eyes closed and not moving at all. Now, after a while of this, and also having a “clear mind” which would mean, you have to try to concentrate on not thinking about anything, which is really hard for me to do because I could easily think about people , or , something I wanted to do, or wondering about how someone is doing e.t.c You literally just concentrate and staying still and keeping your eyes closed , that’s it. Eventually, you began to feel an uncomfortable vibration throughout your body. It feels like your the vibrator yourself and again, it’s so uncomfortable that you can accidently move , which breaks the connection and you have to start all over. Since this was my first time doing this awake , I moved when I started to feel the uncomfortable vibration, and hence, had to start over again.

      My second attempt, I actually began to relax, and when the vibration started , I was able to get through it and surprisingly it was a fairly quick “jump”. Being “awake still and still on my back with my eyes closed , I felt very relaxed, like my body was asleep and I was really comfortable.
      Then the bed began to feel as though someone was shaking it a bit, but not violently , but kind of annoyingly. I remembered being annoyed by this, and believing it was my roommate coming to disturb my peace, I sat upright and said to stop shaking the bed, in annoyed tone.

      To my amazement, I realized I was in a different “realm”, I was still in my roommates room of course, and still on the bed and everything was the same except for 3 things, but as I sat up in amazement, I remember thinking that I shouldn’t move to fast or move around to quickly or I could disconnect and I did not want to disconnect. I also remember the feeling I had. Usually in these “situations” I am either afraid or sad or confused and wanting to disconnect out of fear and confusion, but I felt no fear, or sadness or confusion, I felt content and a peace within my body or soul , like a spiritual and physical peace at the same time. It felt like I could get addicted to this type of peace because their was nothing like it anywhere else in the entire universe but right in that space I was in. I must have been carrying a lot of weight of some kind before because this felt like I didn’t feel the weight or the gravity of the earth on my body, causing aches and pains that I just grew accustomed to being in the flesh on earth. I don’t even think people notice the Human body is a nothing but a shell or a temporary confidment because this was like feeling free from that body. Like I didn’t realize I had been trapped and only being released in this way was I able to realize that. It was euphoric and Praise God, Praise Jesus, praise the holy spirit, Amen.

      As I was sitting there in bed, I noticed the first thing that was different, it was the weather outside. As I turned carefully and slowly around to look out the window, it was sunny and a very beautiful day outside. The sunlight lit the whole room up, I mean, it was a tiny room, but I remember thinking how neat because it was just a rainy gloomy day and now sunny, just amazing. Then I turn back around and starting to just look around the room in amazement, despite not really seeing anythimg different, it was literally the same exact room but I noticed by the door where the light switch would be, their was a white rag. What was strange was it was swaying back and forth like their was wind in the room which wouldn’t make sense because the window does not open and was not open, I Remember wondering and thinking about that. Their was no wind in that room, no fan and again, the window can’t and was not open. But I felt peace in my mind just looking at it, but did not understand why it was there.

      The last and most odd thing I noticed was the wall I was facing in front of me. I was still in the sit up position I got in and I noticed a star. But it was not drawn onto the wall. It was a shadow of one as if the star was behind my head and it made sense because the sun was directly behind me and the wall right in front of me. I did not see the star making the shadow on the wall. It was 6 pointed star. My actual thinking was, if the star was standing on one point, it was a bad sign, but if it was standing on two points, it was a good sign. I honestly have no idea where I even got that idea or thought, because I have never heard of that ever and it must of been a thought that came to me from my guide. It was standing on two points and it looked like it had two strings encompassing it or two ribbons, with a knot on each ribbon or string where it was tied, and like the white rag, the ribbons or strings swayed. It was a shadow of a 6 pointed star on two points and two ribbons encircling it and swaying in the wind.

      Then, just like that, I was sent back. I got up again and immediately noticed that it was raining and it was gloomy. But I felt such a happiness within me despite not really understanding the signs and what they mean. I imminently began to draw the star and wrote what I experienced on the backside of the paper and sent the photo to priest online and my dad to see if they possibly had some knowledge about what the white rag and wind and star represented. Despite not getting any feedback. One priest from Israel or some country like that believed it was sign that Israel will win and I thought that was neat that this “dream” may have a bigger meaning than my own personal life.

      If anyone has had a dream about any of this or if you know what it possibly means, please share your thoughts and experiences with me. It’s been 6 years since then and have not attempted to disconnect either, that was my first and last time. Looking forward to any responses.

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