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      On a scavenger hunt of sorts with another girl (middle teen) and a boy (grade school or pre-teen aged). It feels like a girl/boy scout type of thing. We are looking for hidden ski jackets, each a different colour: red, silver, black, brown. Each team is given a map of the woods/hiking area that the hidden objects are in.

      Everyone scattered and my team decided to take areas less travelled by others and start there. We strategized how they would go about hiding the jackets, why and where and came up with some good general ideas/guidelines to keep in mind. At one point, somehow we deciphered an exact address and location – somewhere on Lilly Way. The girl in our group wrote down the address on the map — We were about to call an Uber to take us there and then we realized the map was actually another groups map not ours. The other group grabbed the map from her hands and ran with it. I asked the girl in our group what the address was and she couldn’t remember. I was frustrated. “Do you remember any part of it, even just one word or number?” I asked. She shook her head, crying. I vaguely remembered seeing her write down ‘Lilly Way’ so we went with what we had.

      At some point we found the silver jacket but weren’t able to get to it before another group of boys (not part of the organized larger group) accidentally found it and ran off with it. But now that we knew where that one was hidden somehow that helped us fine tune where the others might be hidden. We began looking in secret underground passage ways. A lady found us and told us that this particular cavern was dangerous and had elements of toxicity in certain parts of it so she wanted to have us checked by the doctor just to make sure we were still healthy.

      By the end of the dream I believe we got the silver jacket and I think the brown one too. But the last scene of the dream was on beds in the clinic above the underground caverns we were searching. We had been checked and cleared but were just resting. There were four of us, all girls (not sure where the boy went but I believe he decided not to come underground with us), each in single beds. The only girl I knew was the one from my team. One of the girls had been poisoned and was writhing in her sleep next to me. She was cleared from the poison but still feeling residual effects. I looked and saw words written above each of our beds. I knew they were spiritually put there, not by any human hand. The girl who was recovering from toxicity had the words “To be born” above her bed. I thought that was curious. The girl on my team had “To travel and (‘be’? Or ‘give to’?) Israel” and the words over my bed said, “To everywhere worship” and ‘everywhere’ had stars glistening with a fairy light effect around it, emphasizing the word and it also flicked in and out of “everyday” a couple times/minute. I was in astonished wonder about what was the layered significance and meaning of that phrase? I was also struck by how different the phrase over my bed seemed, juxtaposed next to the others’.

      I woke up with the song The Revival Anthem by Rend Collective running through my mind especially the line “In Your strength and power /We’ll take back the night, victory is ours! Yeah!”

      Lilly is a short form of the name Elizabeth, which derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba (אֱלִישֶׁבַע). Lilly means “God is abundance”, “God is my oath” and “God has sworn” from Hebrew “el/אֵל” = God + “shéva’/שֶׁבַע” = oath/seven = number of abundance.
      Lilly is also of English origin and signifies the flower lily is a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty.

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      Hello Kai,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Very interesting dream. I think you have the interpretation already. Right? 🙂


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