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      I have been dating a wonderful Christian man for almost 2 years. But he is a registered sex offender who was away from the Lord during his porn addiction. He did nothing to any child or adult. This was with an adult woman who decided to hurt her own daughter by sending pictures. His ordeal became a “his word/her word” type of thing. He knows he did wrong by having the online affair with her. His life was thrown away.

      My 3 teenage children know about his. My elderly parents do not. They have met him and they really like him. I am 47 , he is 55.

      My parents, kids,and share a house. I am an only child.
      My parents are not going to understand this and my anxiety is increasing so much becasue i just want to tell them and get it out and over with, but i know they will not understand as they are very judgmental and unforgiving.

      My boyfriend is a threat to no one. I trust him completely.

      Please pray for my anxiety, a resolution to this situation, etc.

      thank you.

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      Shalom Kim. It is good that you are giving him a second chance to be trusted, forgiven and loved. This is what Jesus would have done. Jesus came for the sinners and he was friend with them, we are to be like him. Above all think about Jesus, is he okay with what you are doing and is he in it? If he in it and not your desire, then do not be afraid of your family or their thought on what you are doing. Remember we live for Christ and not for ourselves or others. And there is curse on one who is afraid of men. I know you respect them but do what the Lord wants you to do and Don’t worry about their reaction, instead look to Jesus what he thinks and if you feel peace and he confirmed it his word or any other way. Then let the peace of God be with you and let him silence fear, anxiety and lies around you
      Father in the mighty name of Jesus be with Kim in her time of decision making and let her do it according to your will and desire for her, and if there is anything she must know about this man or of herself please reveal to her the great and hidden things she does not know according to Jeremiah 33:3, in Jesus name. Master Jesus We thank you for your support, love and the great work you are doing in her life in harvesting souls, may this act of trust and faith moved her families and see you in it and not her. In Jesus name.Amen

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