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      Afolabi tosin

      I saw two light looking like a yellow bulb from the sky in my dream, and I heard a trumpet blown from the direction which I’m seeing the two light in the sky. I was trembled so also the people around me,then I woke up

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      Greetings In Jesus Mighty name

      I would like to draw attention to the colour – Yellow – it speaks of understanding and thoughts that are positive – the bulbs of light, speak of Light being cast on the situation or surrounding you , then the trumpet is heralding a sound of something that is about to happen, I do believe God is saying to you, you are part the new that is to come . Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.Proverbs 3:5

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      Jesus is returning for his Bride.
      This dream does not need an interpretation.
      Be ready!!
      He’s letting everyone know of his return.
      Wake up
      Look up
      We are going up!!

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        Yes, you are correct! But may I add some additional to what you interpreted correctly. The fact that you saw 2 Bright lights also represents Jesus’ Second coming. The reason it was appearing before your eyes is exactly what they interpreted for you but the fact that there were people around you equally scared bc they are becoming aware of something coming (the Trumpet) however they are not as quite ready as you are that is why the scared not so much you the same way. Yours is more “Fear of the LORD” aka reverence of Him. That is why th 2 Bright lights are in front of you> Bc you must tell others surrounding you in your life to prepare their hearts and lives ready for His second coming. You will be a vessel to warn and help them get there. Hence they had the spirit of fear unlike you you had the holy reverence of the Fear of the LORD. They are not the same “spirit.” the one you had is if God and protects you under it (Psalm 91, Isaiah 66) but they had another kind not coming from God but rather the enemy bc of the condition of their hearts not being ready for the LORD’s second coming. One God gives for good and protection. The other torments, paralyzes and gives you no power to walk in Christ freedom (2 Timorthy 1:7) Hope that helped even the more as the the 2 above were equally correct! his why the body must work together for each other we need one another. It rings delight and a smile on Our Heavenly Father’ face when we walk in love, peace and unity amongst each other. Blessings to you <3

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