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    prayers for husband Dave baptized as kid is 56 yrs for submission to Jesus, EmaLee 27 yrs baptized 2011 fallen away, Heide 25yrs not saved, Mattie 21yrs not saved 3 kids (4yrs, 2 1/2yrs, 8 mths is engaged). im Jenny born again pray for me to plz as I pray for my family thank you

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    Jenny. I will most certainly pray for you and also your family’s salvation. Hebrews 11. May God strengthen you and increase your faith. He is Able…. Blessings.

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    Praise God for your true intentions and desire to bring souls into his kingdom. 1 John 5:14-15., John 15:16, John 1:5, Ezekiel 34:11, Luke 19:10.

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    The God who saves, we call on Your Spirit to send Your ministering angels to the family to minister to them. We pray for their salvation and for the grace of God to reach their heart, in Jesus’ name, amen.

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    Gloria Ashaba

    Scripture Confessions
    Eph 3:14-21:
    Ps 21:2
    Ps 86:16
    Hos 2:6-15

    1 Thank the Lord because it is not His will that anyone should perish

    2 Father, in the name of Jesus give unto … Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You.

    3 Let every stronghold of the enemy barricading the mind of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family from receiving the Lord be pulled down, in the name of Jesus

    4. Let all hindrances coming between the heart of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family and the gospel be melted away by the fire of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus.

    5 In the name of Jesus, I bind the strongman attached to the life of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family for keeping him from receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior.

    6 Lord, build a hedge of thorns around …. (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family so that he turns to the Lord.

    7 All the children who have been dedicated to the Lord and have become bound, be loosed in the name of Jesus

    8 In the name of Jesus, I break any curse placed on … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family , binding them from receiving the Lord.

    9 You spirit of death and hell, release … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family , in the name of Jesus

    10Every desire of the enemy on the soul of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family will not prosper in the name of Jesus0

    11 You spirit of destruction, release … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family , in the mighty name of Jesus

    12 I bind every spirit of mind blindness in the life of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family in the name of Jesus

    13 Let there be no rest or peace in the mind of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family until he surrenders to the Lord.

    15 Lord, open the eyes of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family to his / her own spiritual condition, in the name of Jesus

    16 I bind the strongman shielding … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family from receiving the gospel in the name of Jesus

    17 Lord, send people across the path of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family who can share the gospel with him

    18 Father, let spiritual blindness be erased from the life of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family in the name of Jesus

    19 Father, grant … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family repentance leading to a personal relationship with Jesus

    20 I come against the power of darkness blinding and holding … Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family back from receiving the gospel, in the name of Jesus

    21 I command you spirit of the power of the air to loose your hold on … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family so that s/he will be free to accept Jesus as Lord and savior, in the name of Jesus

    22 I tear down and smash every stronghold of deception keeping …. Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family in the enemy’s camp, in the name of Jesus.

    23Holy Spirit, reveal to Jenny other strongholds that that need to be broken in the life of … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family in Jesus’ name

    24 O Lord, forgive … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family of every sin s/he has committed against you and give him/her the grace to resist temptation in Jesus’ name

    25 Let … (Dave,EmaLee,Heide,Mattie &Family come out from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light in the name of Jesus

    26.The Harvest is truly great in 2019.Lord thank you…for salvation of these souls in Jesus name….

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