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      I had a strange dream last night. In the dream I saw a miniature rhino running. The rhino was the size of miniature toy but it was not a toy it was an alive animal. At first I thought it was a bull from behind but when I saw its head, I recognized that it was rhino and not a bull. The color of it was a Khaki brown. I watched the rhino run toward a hippopotamus‌ until he was facing it. The hippopotamus opened his mouth and begin to swallow the rhino. I heard snakes and it frighten me, so I kept a watchful eye on the look out for them. There was a table a few distances away from me and someone said snake again underneath the table. When I looked, it was not a snake. It was a strip of paper laying flat on the floor cut in the shape of a crumbled, crushed zigzag. I woke up.

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