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      In my dream, I went out to get food and I took just the exact amount I will be needing for that food. I didn’t take my phone and even my purse along.

      After buying the food, I was directed to another place to go and make payment. On getting there, the cashier told me that the price was higher than what I wanted to pay for.

      But what was not clear was that the person that sold the food told me the price and it was just exactly the amount I had at hand.

      So I was very confused because the place was far from where I stay and I wasn’t with my phone and purse.I told some of their customers there and most of them started shouting at them but this people still insisted that my money wasn’t complete.

      After a while, I went to meet the owner concerning the money but the owner started shouting that he was going to beat me. The man took my fingers and put it in his mouth, he also used his long fingernails to scratch my scalp.

      That was how I woke up.

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