Request healing of my Cervical Spine/Vagal Nerve Degeneration.

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      Cecily Nichols

      I recently found You Tube videos by: D.r Mandell and Dr.Ross Hauser @ Caring Medical In Fort Meyers, Fla….Both Docs are Christians that describe my Signs & symptoms that originate with my Cervical Spine Instability with the degeneration of nerves and ligaments issues/damage-pinched nerves causing poor blood flow to my brain, vertigo, light headed-ness,spinning, headaches,double vision, ETC. A very long list of inter- related health issues-chronic body pain and extreme fatigue etc. Ringing in ears, referred pain. I am asking God in childlike faith to heal me and others that suffer with this. Am not able to take care of myself too well. I am looking for a miracle. The Tx. Treatment offered by Dr. Hauser is very expensive-called Prolotherapy. Am correcting poor posture the best I can. Cecily. It is a struggle to just get through each day because of pain and lack of energy. I was a very active person before my health deteriorated to this point now. As a baby, my head positioning in the crib or playpen caused me to have a straight neck-zero natural curvature in my Cervical vertebrae, so it is just getting worse…and I had a possible whip lash incident last summer. I believe God has perform healing surgery and fix me in my sleep or how ever He choses to heal me and HE will get all the glory!

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