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      Praise God,It’s been a year I have been struggling in and out of this relationship with Joel.I met him wen he was a said believer n me a roman Catholic we decided to get married and he called it off saying I had to be converted I told him I would take a step to convert only for God not him. N said so I’m a believer now baptized thsi Feb. It’s all His glory that I found salvation. Joel also came back but that was a Miracle however again he called off the relationship calling me worst and said he could not give me a chance again. The issues we faced were all cos of my past wen I wasn’t in the Lord. abusive childhood abusive relationships and I could not trust Joel it used to be difficult as I mentioned before he was just a said believer he too had a past and did everything like a unbeliever.before I decided to give my life that the Lord we were physically intimate. Which I later understood WT a grave sin we had committed. I still m in love with him I don’t want to give myself to any other man. We go to same church he acts like a stranger. I don’t know. Wen he left me the second time I received a word from the Lord to wait. It’s been 6 months now it’s getting difficult to understand. Wait for him? Or wait for WT? Please pray for me I’m the only believer in my family. I face persecution almost every day it’s been 5 Months I have lost my job too. N I have a debt. Please pray for me.

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