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      Hey there. Sometimes I have really bizarre dreams. I dunno if they’re prophetic or not. The dreams I have that are prophetic usually feel different than the rest, but not always. And I can usually discipher them myself, but not always. So I don’t know what else to do than to post it and see if God gives someone the interpretation.

      I was in a big warehouse-sized area. It’s a place where folk come to have fun throwing stuff and seeing how far they can throw it. Everyone is having a good time. (It has the same vibe as a bowling alley or roller-rink. Family friendly, food and drink, folk hanging around chatting having fun.) There are really heavy items that some guys are throwing around, and I want to, but there are people out in the throwing area, so I don’t wanna accidentally hit anyone and hurt them.

      Instead I pick up a frisby kind of thing. It’s a heavy plastic ring wrapped in thin, flexible plastic, so even though it’s light, it’s heavy enough to go far. We’re on the second-floor balcony, near the roof, and I go all the way to the left to get around support beams and other people. There is a young guy to my left. I throw it as hard as I can!! …and it hits something in the roof and comes right back to me (I catch it). I and the other guy are startled. It’s a little embarrassing, but funny.

      This happens two more times. On the third time, it breaks (even though it comes back to me and I catch it). The guy is looking at me with a kind of disgust, and I’m frustrated and angry with myself. Like, “Can’t I do better?! C’mon man. Just compensate for whatever your body is doing.”

      Then a few things happens, and I’m not sure in what order:
      – the place becomes empty except for me and the workers.
      – I learn that the place is open 24\7, so I won’t be kicked out at all.
      – the entire place transitions into some kinda swimming\sauna\water place. (Hard to recall.)
      – there are locker rooms with showers.

      And here’s a weird thing: I cut my head open (no blood or anything) and take my brain out to fix it. It’s still connected to me. It’s kinda like how something in a computer can be taken out but is still connected via cables. I’m very careful with my brain. There are little flesh “wires” (for lack of better words) and I touch one and can feel it. But I can’t feel anything when just holding my brain.

      During this time in the dream, while I’m holding my brain, there is some kind of video teaching that plays, talking about the different parts. I get upset at the teaching, because it seems to elevate other parts of the brain as important while talking about the “anger center” as if it’s evil. (They represented it as a small portion at the front of the frontal lobe. If it wasn’t there, we would never experience anger.) I expect them to be dismissive and say something like, “This little part of the brain is worthless. In fact, we might as well cut it out of the brain entirely.” I don’t do that. I just do whatever I needed to do and put it back in my head, closing my skull over top of it.

      Someone suggests taping it shut. But it will fuse back quickly, so I choose to just be careful.

      I really like hot water, so I go into the locker rooms to shower. I accidentally go into the woman’s side first and then immediately leave to go into the men’s.

      Uncomfortably, a woman comes in to the men’s side to take a shower. This is apparently accepted by the owners, even though most clients don’t like it. I wait for her to be finish up and leave.

      At some point, when I’m alone, the proprietress and her friend (both large, middle-aged women) come into the locker room because the proprietress wants to see if I would sleep with her. She’s uncomfortable the whole time, but her friend encouraged her to do it, just in case I said yes. She is very coy about it. I am not interested at all and tell them so, very bluntly. It’s awkward for them, and they leave.

      I also realize that, due to there being almost no one else, that it’s very late. I head outside through a side door at some point and remember that I’m in a big city on an island. I’ve traveled here, but I don’t have a rental car, so I took the bus to this location. Now I’m worried: Where is the bus stop? How late does it run? Will I miss it? How will I get back to wherever I’m staying? And I begin to worry not just for that night, but also for how I’m going to get around for my entire stay on the island? Do I need to get a rental car? But I’m concerned about money and where or not I could afford that.

      In checking for the bus stop, I ran down the street a little, and the side door closed behind me. I’m concerned that I just got locked out (my stuff is still in the locker room), but not worried. I actually run past the door and miss it, and turn around looking for the door. At that moment, and older white man enters the place through that side door. I thank him and walk in with him. He begins chatting with me and commenting lightheartedly about gays and how he doesn’t want men looking at him while he showers and such. He takes a shower, talking with me the entire time, and the entire time that he’s naked in the dream, my eyes won’t open no matter how hard I try. But the moment he puts on a towel, my eyes can open again.

      He puts on his towel in a manner that it looks like a dress, and he jokingly pretends to be some famous woman. At that moment, there is another young man there, responding to the act with inappropriate gestures. The older man rebukes him for it and is very disturbed. The young man gets up. He is wearing a yellow dress and says that he is dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast (and it was her dress).

      Then I wake up.

      What is this dream?!

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