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      Chris Nihmey

      Hello there,

      I’m requesting prayers again for RACHEL S who has lived in an emotionally abusive home. She is currently in a women’s shelter and has found a new home. Prayers have worked! She is still having a lot of emotional challenges and encountering some bullying in her workplace. She also deals with mental illness and PTSD. Please pray that she stays mentally strong, heals, and is courageous, and that she is protected and guided by Christ and His angels. Pray that she finds a place of peace and serenity.

      I’d also like to request continued prayers for 35-year-old, JENNIFER J, with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Doctors say she may only have a few more days, but they’ve said this many times. She keeps on persevering. Please pray she continues to lean on our Lord. Pray for a miracle healing here, for strength, comfort, hope, and peace. We know God can do this. She has a husband and 3 beautiful children under 7. Pray that their faith stays strong no matter what happens, and that they lean on Jesus in all of this. He will always carry them.

      Thank you. In His name we pray. God bless.


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      Jehovah Raphe,

      Chris and I pray in agreement and with faith knowing that you are the great Physician and healer. We thank you for answered prayers for Rachel and for how you have with your righteous arm delivered her from an abusive home. We petition you to give her a sound mind and that she may experience your guidance and direction on how to walk this new path you have created. We pray for protection, we pray you teach her what spiritual weapons to use so she may demolish every stronghold and argument that sets itself up against the knowledge of you. May she experience the divine peace and rest that comes from you and you alone. Amen
      Lord, we thank you for Jennifer and the perseverance she has and continues to live out in her battle with lymphoma. We pray for healing and full restoration. Whatever the current situation is and wherever she is, we know you are with her. Strengthen her family and reveal your faithfulness and goodness to them. Thank you for how you love her and her family. Amen.

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