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      Hello there,

      I’m requesting prayer for MIKE W. who is suffering from pancreatic cancer. There has also been some spreading to the lungs. The recent report is that he is degrading very quickly. We are all very concerned, especially his family. His skin is yellow right now and he has not been able to keep down food or build his health through nutrition. This battle has only gone on for a few months, but there has been a dramatic drop ever since his diagnosis. Please pray for a miracle healing here for Mike. Pray that there is a dramatic change in the other direction that brings back his regular colour, his energy, his strength, and his hope. At this point, he is very depressed and losing his desire to go on. We know that he wants to live because he has his beautiful family by his side. His wife, children, and grandchildren who love him dearly. Please pray that Mike is comforted and at peace in all of this, in body, mind, and spirit. Pray that he is free from any pain. Pray that the Holy Spirit of healing comes to him, hovers over him, works through him, and provides him with strength, resilience, and courage. Pray that Mike trusts Christ in all of this and puts his full faith and trust in Him, the only true Comforter. Please join me in prayer for Mike so that he can heal from this and get back to living cancer-free. Also pray for his loving family. Give them the strength and peace of mind they need to stand strong by Mike and give him all the loving support he needs. May God carry them all through. Also pray that all medical professionals are being guided by our Lord. I ask you to please join me in prayer for this amazing man and his family in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you. God bless.


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