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      Chris Michael Nihmey

      Hello there,

      Please pray for Karen M. One incredible person and educator. In 2020, she was diagnosed with an incredibly rare and life-threatening autoimmune blood disease. It has caused continual swelling in her airway and body. She has infusions and treatments daily. It has been awfully painful, arduous, and challenging for her. Thankfully, she’s blessed with a wonderful family, but it has been excruciating for her to go through all of this.

      She now has a specialist who has enrolled her in a clinical trial for new meds/infusions that would help her out tremendously and stabilize her. This would eliminate so many hospital visits and certainly improve her chances of healing. The medications she is currently on are also affecting her immune system, but they are necessary. However, we need to pray that better medications are coming her way.

      Prayers are needed in every way. Prayers for strength in faith, miracle prayers of healing, of strength, and courage. Pray that she puts her faith over her fears; and that she finds peace of mind and comfort. Pray that she puts her full trust in Our Lord to guide her through this. Pray that she comes out stronger and that the trials lead to more successful treatments and medicine. Pray that she heals and overcomes this so she can get back to living her normal life again as a fantastic elementary school teacher. Pray that her family remains strong by her side. Give them strength, peace, and comfort as well. Thank you. God bless.


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