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    A close male friend and I broke up over anger issues that he is facing. I am asking God for peace and how to move on in this situation. Thank you.

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    Needs urgent general prayer

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    Phliemon Prospere

    Prayers to Strengthen my heart and love and soul lord towards my girlfriend

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    I’ve been dating this boy for a while. He seemed very nice in the beginning (he liked me first) but as the relationship progressed his nicotine addictions and his anger issues surfaced mutliple times. Hes not a believer but he attends church with me (and he says he makes an effort to pray- he even visited church on Christmas when I was out of town and we weren’t on very good terms). Sometimes I wonder if this relationship was wrong from the start but I can’t seem to let this go. We have times of peace but we also seem to somehow get into an argument or a bad mood almost averaging at once daily. There was also this one time when the fight got physical. Im not the kind of woman who let’s anyone treat me bad. He seems to be trying to be good (sometimes). It’s frustrating. Please pray for me. I need guidance. Thank you. ❤️

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    Please pray for God to restore my marriage. Please pray for God to intervene in our separation and bring us back together. Pleas pray for God to remove the wedge between my husband and myself. Please pray for God to soften my husband’s heart so we can begin to communicate more. Please pray for healing and peace in our relationship so we can begin to restore our broken relationship. Please pray for our family.

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    Lin praying for wisdom and strength. Things get little worse after people get comfortable. Try to cut that soul tie and run. If he is not whole he can’t really love like Christ. You are not married run you deserve better.
    Don’t forget your value.

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    Ana M Aguilar

    My name is Ana, my husband packed all of his belongings and left on October 26th 2018. We had been married for 24 years It has been extremely hard for me emotionally and physically. I am doing much better as each day goes. He is still very angry, hurt and distant. I would like prayer for healing in his heart soul and spirit and for a restoration in our relationship may God bring us together in His time. I also would like prayer for the healing of my beloved brother he is going through treatment for a cancerous tumor in his brain.

    Thank you! May God bless all of you! Amen

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    please pray for the restoration of my daughter’s marriage

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