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      Angela Hughes

      Please pray in agreement with me: Father we take a stand and rise up in faith and agree together with all the saints and heaven that it is written: “‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my good pleasure'” (Is. 46:10b). Father we cover the first 100 days of the Trump presidency and onward by agreeing in the spirit concerning heaven’s decision to appoint Donald Trump as president of the United States. For it is written in Romans 13:1-3, Daniel 2:21 and Daniel 4:17, it is God who appoints those in authority to accomplish His will! We agree in unison with the saints to cancel and bind up all the plans of the enemy to thwart the Fathers plan for this new White House, for America, for the church, for the nations and the coming great awakening harvest. We cancel and abolish the scheme of the evil one to do as much damage as possible to this new president, administration and those who are coming to occupy this new territory. We cancel and abolish the plans of the evil doers to do harm and rob us of our peace of mind and confidence in the Lord. Father we evict the collective mindset in this land built against the Kingdom of God and Your righteousness, and we evict it by our collective unity in prayer. We have been given the authority and access to occupy this territory by Gods command, and that is enough to bring the divine protection needed. Lord release your angels of protection over your warring saints!
      Father we decree justice, arrests, indictments and convictions of the evil doers who have committed treason and every sort evil against America, the people of God and other nations, especially Israel!
      We rise in faith and agree in prayer that the enemy is bound and that the Word of the Lord stands over this nation and will not be revoked. We stand in the truth of God’s victory and that America will fulfill her destiny as a sheep nation and disciple of sheep nations in these end times!
      Satan is an illegal squatter, and it is God Who has given us the authority to speak peace to the land and to this process of governmental shift to accomplish Gods will.
      We stand in the confidence of our good Father whose pleasure it is for us to enter this new season. It is His joy for us to take down the giants in the land and take our place as His sons and daughters.
      Father may Your sons and daughters throughout the world truly become the MATURE sons and daughters You have called us to be as we do Your will by exercising our authority that You have given us through Christ Jesus. Lord strengthen us for this journey and teach us how to rest and war to avert the device of Satan to wear out the saints!

      We pray this in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

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      Tawia Hansen

      Please pray in agreement with me. I have just prayed the prayer to put all familiar and monitoring spirits to be thrown into the lake of fire in the name of Jesus Christ.

      I thank God very much a day you blogs or page for revealing your notes to me. I know soo much keeps going wrong and I have never attributed it to anything except that I know I am intelligent but somehow I make wrong decisions all the time. Until I started trying to sell my house that I bougot about 9 years ago and I have been trying to sell the house for more than five years now when people started to say things like it is spiritual attack. This got me thinking.
      God has given me messages through others that the house will sell. I thank God that He gave me these revelations that the house will sell. I continue to ask that you pray with me in agreement that right now any familiar spirits and monitoring spirits loose my address and never locate me ever again.
      Thank you very much. All your prayers are helping me a great deal.

      Thank you
      Tawia Hanson

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