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      Christie Rose

      My mother Roxann Simon has been in the Hospital for 5 months, my mother Roxann Simon has a heart attack/stroke & has a brain injury. I come in agreement with you for the supernatural Medical intervention for Lord God to heal my mother’s schizophrenia, bedsore on her buttocks, tracheostomy, face & chest wound,vocal cords restored, eyes restored, in the name of Jesus Christ stripes my mother is healed. I’m asking for new red blood cells & more oxygen to her brain in the name of Jesus. I plee the Jesus Christ over all her infirmities & trespasses, forgive us Lord, we repent for our sins in Jesus name. Remove the ulcer & we command the healing of my mother Roxann restoration right now Lord God. Amen, Amen, & Amen.

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      lupe davila

      my daughter need healing from depression, anxiety, she need healing
      so she can get a job, she is very nervous, she need God in her life
      she reads scriptures but not enough also for my whole family some
      kind of curse never can get ahead they do not go to bars nor invite
      friends to drink at home they just what for God to bless them.
      deliverance also for me I have bone cancer
      thank you very much

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