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      N Mitchell

      Hello Saints and Family in Christ,

      I humbly ask for prayer for me during this time of testing and tribulation.

      I have been on a journey to get closer with the One True God (God the Father +The Lord Jesus Christ +The Holy Spirit), The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob since 2017.

      During this time I have uncovered many things about myself and my family, as well as my relationship with God. Through God and his knowledge he has allowed me to understand that I have been under a perpetual curse due to witchcraft and deeply rooted sorcery from my family, this includes my mom, grand mother and hers before her.

      Through this ungodly bloodline curse, the enemy has taken special interest in the destruction of my family and myself included.

      My only saving grace is that my mom, found Jesus Christ when we were little and all her children got saved when we were very young. However, it seems that the curse has stuck and followed us (my mom’s children) throughout our lives because it has not been properly dealt with.

      Through this open and active demonic curse of witchcraft (covenant) I have on my life a heavy spirit of delay, anti – progress, rejection, barrenness, heaviness, and infirmity.

      I am now undertaking a fasting journey to bind the evil according to Matthew 18:19, prayer, and fasting according to Matthew 17:21.

      I humbly ask for your prayers for me at this time to attack the root of my problems. According to the Word of The Lord, “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots” Matthew 15:13.

      I ask that you please pray for me for complete restoration and deliverance from the curse of witchcraft, and that all the spiritual enemies working in my life to keep me in bondage, be utterly destroyed and bound (in heaven and on earth) through the mighty power of Jesus Christ!

      I am fasting according to Isaiah 58, the chosen fast that is acceptable to the Lord.
      Please pray for my strength and victory over the enemy. I know that the combined might of other saints and intercessors, and myself will indefinitely disable the enemy.

      I will seek God’s face for release of the curse through fasting. I know that we serve a righteous and sovereign God. He will do what is best for me, for his plans are Good for me according to His word.

      I thank you all in advance for your prayers, and I will not look at my physical circumstances, this battle will be won in spirit on bended knee. God bless you all and thank you so much for considering me and taking the time to read my prayer request.

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      Cecily Nichols

      Im going through it too. Gound Curt Landry Ministry which has teaching and resources on this subject.

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