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      My brother Edison, is a Christian and active in the church but I can see in him that he has the spirit of pride and rage and many more. When upset he hurt people around him physically/verbally because there much bitterness in him. He has been our concern for many years. I have been praying for so long, I know I need help for him to be delivered. Pray bro for Charles, Sam, and sister Ted to accept the real Jesus for them to be delivered and have salvation. My parents Carlos and Lita, nephew and nieces Paul, Francis, MJ, Faye, Cyrus, Samantha, Sebastian, and Sawyer pray for protection and salvation. With God nothing is impossible. Thank you and Blessings

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      Lord, please grant Charis’ brother repentance and the ability to renounce pride and turn to you. May your Holy Spirit fill him and the fear of the Lord be on him. I pray that he gain a conviction and godly sorrow over this sin and that he be delivered. May Charis’ friends/family know you intimately and may they be saved and delivered so that they can save others. Protect them and may your word be their weapon.

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