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      Please pray that God restores my relation with the father of my unborn child. About a year ago, we started having problems as he was talking to multiple women. In my anger, I did something that hurt him really bad. While I thought we had been able to work through this issue and I have asked for forgiveness multiple times. He brings up the incident every time and uses it to insult me and to tell me what a horrible person I am. He says he wants nothing to do with me and his child. He constantly calls me out of my name. He is talking to multiple women and insults me every opportunity he has. He has moved out of the room and tells me he will make my life miserable once he moves out. I am in pain. We have been together for 5years. I have forgiven him multiple times. This is the first time I have snapped and done something I regret and he know fully well that my actions were due to anger. I have been there for me so many time. I don’t know why he can’t let go of the one mistake I made.

      Please pray that he forgives me and gives us a second chance. Please pray that he stops talking/sleeping with these other women. Please pray that he stops abusing me verbally. Please pray for the restoration of our relationship. I love him and I need his moral and emotional support at this time. I feel like the devil has penetrated our lives.

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