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      I am asking for prayer to be united back with my 13 year old daughter who was taken from me 3 years ago by her father. She recently got in touch with me after not talking to her for 3 years and I have found out that her dad has been poisoning her mind against me and now she is confused. I ask for chains to be broken from her, for her to be restored back as a child of the king, for her to see through the lies, for her to come back home under the leadership of Yeshua, for her to be placed back in my household for good, that she may be reunited with her sister and me.I need prayers that the enemy will release all hold on her. I ask for prayers that she be returned home after being savagely ripped from me, I ask for prayers to return a daughter to her mother, and a sister to her sister, that the truth be loud and clear in her heart and that she once again comes back into my life. I need help with prayers that my precious baby girl once again comes home and that I can hold her in my arms and shower her with the love that I have for her that was decided by someone else to be taken away from me and her, I pray that the tongue of lies, toxicity, deceit, and poison no longer has any sway over this precious child, that she now starts to see what it is, for what it is, and the tongues against my children and household have to cease spreading their poison right now in the name of Yeshua.

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      Lord I pray any wrong doing,and slander be exposed in yeshua name.i pray you send legions of Angel’s to protect this child and help her.i pray you wash this child’s mind of negative words and strife.wash her in your blood lord and renew her heart and mind.lord let her know you are with her set her on the path you have ordained for are all truth lord let her walk in truth.lord bring peace to her and healing.guard her yeshua name

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