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      Kobe is only 6 years old and suddenly seemed to have a problem walking. X-rays showed he has a cruciate ligament disruption. Cervical spondylitis was also diagnosed, his front legs kept giving out on him & he would fall. I kept picking him up & he walks again but my heart is breaking. He is alert & eating & otherwise in good spirits. I’m sure he is having some pain, but I do not feel he wants to die. They prescribed some pain meds & prednisone along with a muscle relaxer. The vet came over & also gave an acupuncture treatment & will be back again on Tuesday for another one. He seemed to be doing better on Friday but yesterday & today he looks like he’s depressed. I called the vet & he said that he will have good days & bad days. I am no crazy about steroids but I do so want him to get better. I am being very positive & trusting the Lord with this. I lost one dog 6 years ago & I could not handle this right now. Please pray for my Kobe. Thank you

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