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      Nadine Gildenhuys

      How are you? I’m Nadine from South Africa. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

      May I ask if you will please pray for me? I struggle terribly with many things and life itself is way too much for me right now.

      -The strained friendship of myself and Ashleigh, my best friend.

      – My right heel getting more painful than should…I broke it on 7 Jan 2022.. the tissue is dead and the cells that can regenerate lack oxygen to do so. They told me I would never walk again, I started walking 2 months ago……

      – My step brother lying to my stepmom so that attention gets diverted to me and off him….

      – The utmost passion and effort I put into my work to be treated like I never did anything constructive and it’s dead buried and forgotten how I turned that business around and have been put on a back burner again and spoken to like utter…he (my boss Rudie) pays me R25 an hour for a 5 hour day mainly 3 days a week…since I returned to work end of March these are the hours. I used to be Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm at the same rate..

      – My stepfather never allowing me to be with my mom who cant drive after the operation she had on both hands. 3 or 4 more weeks of not seeing her. 😭

      – I need a car so desperately so that I can get a job with better pay and find somewhere safe to live… I can no longer tolerate the anxiety in the night like now …. please pray for me …

      I’m permanently doing full armour of God. I trust Jesus with my whole heart and He has never failed me. The anger with God The Father is also overwhelming because of everything that is constantly going wrong…the anger is that it seems He just watches and adds more…

      Especially that this whole saga at home started in July last year which lead to my nervous breakdown in September last year…this whole spiritual warfare that started happening..hearing and seeing demons and things moving around in my home which is anointed…and then the human entity…it is very present and very real and I’m filled with fear that I should not even have if I know with my whole heart and soul Jesus has never failed me….

      I’m sorry to bombard you with this but I’m so exhausted.

      Kindest Regards

      Nadine Gildenhuys

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      Father God we pray for your exhausted child. We pray peace over her, her mind and healing to her body. God you know everything about her and you know all the details of her life. Meet her at her point of need. Bring provision for a new job or remove the obstacles that keep her from advancing. Speak peace to her mind and heart and let her know you are in control. Lift all her burdens and help her to cast them on you in Jesus name. We speak peace especially at night when she lays down to sleep and we come against any tormenting spirits in Jesus name. You said in your word you give us sweet sleep so we stand on your word today in Jesus name and believe you will answer. Amen

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