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      Ntombizodwa Nobela


      I need your prayers regarding my marriage.  My husband and I dated for 6 years before we got married and we have 3 kids.  My husband drinks a lot and most of our fights are because of alcohol. He is also very controlling and emotionally abusive. Ever since we got married he has kicked me out of the house 3 times and I’ve realised that he does this when I’m unemployed. He’s never done that when I have a job, it’s his way or the high way kind of attitude. 

      I’ve talked myself into divorcing him a couple of times but I don’t want the devil to win as he has taken so much from me already.  Also my husband is a very good man when he’s not doing these evil things.  I’m a born again christian and really trying to do the right thing but it’s really hard.  In a space of 4 months I’ve lost my dad, my job and now it seems like I’m losing my marriage too.

      I’ve prayed, fasted and asked other Christian’s to pray with me and I’m tired now. We have been leaving apart since 2 and a half weeks ago.  Sometimes I wonder if I married the wrong person or if it is in God’s will for this marriage to succeed.  I am out of options, what I do know is that if my husband won’t change his selfish ways I definitely don’t want him back because we’ll be right where we started.

      I also need prayers to find a job and be financially independent.  I can see that the devil is playing tricks with me because when my husband pulled the stunt of putting me ou of the house for the first time; I could see that I was in a spiritual warfare and as a result of that my husband and I reconciled and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and saviour on the 15th December 2019 and got baptized in February this year.  

      I know that God will finish what he started with him as he has done with me.  I’m tired though of being in this situation.  The other thing that he does is that everytime we have major problems, we move house as per his recommendations against my will. We have been to counseling with a therapist and our pastor but it seems that nothing is changing.  He blames me for everything including his drinking even though he drank before we met.

      I really am desperate for your prayers!

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      I great you in the name of Our Lord and saviour. My marriage has been on the rock for past 8 years, I would say since we married and it escalated to where I fully dependent to my husband financial and things are out of hand as he expect me to understand that since he provide I should be greatful and not question infedility.
      What hurts most is that mostly it’s not one woman and in every crew there is always someone we know and married to family friend or relative and this cuts deep especially because he discuss our marriage challenges with these women and if it’s family friend (women) it’s hard to move from that betrayal and also he is not apologetic and forcefully expect me to understand that it’s no big deal. I am drained and it affects our kids and for past 5 months we only sharing a bedroom but there is no intimacy or whatsoever and all he is saying is I must do what I want to do he won’t change at least not for me (exact his words) on the other side he is possessive and even going to the mall for me starts a fight as he always accuse me that I want to cheat or chase men and it is not fair I feel imprisoned by a husband that I actually don’t have. For the longest I’ve been trying to live with this but I can’t take it anymore, it’s draining life out of me; every part of me hurt. Pleas pray with me that God guise me and what I should do

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      Please pray for Mario, (son in law) to be saved, delivered, be filled with The Holy Spirit and be reconciled to his wife Mandy, and his 3 kids in Christ Jesus our Lord. God Bless.

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      Greetings ,I am 8yrs in marriage my husband just packed his stuff and leave me with kids without notifying me,I need prayer

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