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      Hello MOP,

      Please pray for the overflow for financial blessings in my life. I believe that God has promised me financial blessings and waiting for it to materialize. I also believe that it is not His will that I lack as per Psalm 23 and the personal promise that He gave me years ago.
      I have been waiting to be paid for work done in June to no avail. Sometimes I’m ghosted by the company and when they do assure me of payment, nothing happens. When do I draw the line of waiting and filing a business complaint and/or acquiring a lawyer? This has caused undue hardship. I struggle with knowing when to be merciful and when to resort to official legal assistance. It was the mention of contacting a lawyer to them that made them rematerialize after I was ghosted. They made promises of overnight payment and yet nothing to date. Then they play this hide and seek game.
      I am also waiting to be paid/reimbursed from other sources as well. I have prayed in tongues to remove delays.
      Your prayers and advice are welcome. I’ve never experienced a breach of contract and level of unprofessionalism like this before, referring to the first scenario.
      Thank you and I look forward to your response.


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      Shalom F.E,
      I am sorry to hear what you are facing right and I pray with you today and ask for our God to give you peace of mind by putting on the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness for out of the heart the mouth speaks, the shield of faith to quench the fury dart of the evil, the the sword of the word of God, the belt of truth and or feet ready to be fitted in shoe of the gospel of peace, that declare that my peace I give to you, not as the world give. And the wisdom to do the right thing. I ask for You oh Lord to guide in F.E in your wisdom to the right path and by understanding to guard F.E heart, thoughts and decisions, and for F.E to remember that we do not fight against flesh and blood, and we do not fight as the world do. Therefore, give F.E to seek you in your word in truth and sincerity in psalm 32 to know what to do or according to Isaih 58( where we fast a day too seek you for counsel and deliverance).
      Furthermore I thank you that you will reveals to F.E what is in the way in receivable of his or her money according to Jeremiah33:3, where you all knowing God encourage us to call unto me and I will reveal to us great and mighty things that you do not know.
      My Lord has helped me greatly when I faced these types of challenges by applying these scriptures of directions and revelation.
      I pray you be strong in the Lord, believe and trust in word and his timing, for those who trust in the Lord, shall never see shame.
      If this blockage is due to the Lords doing, or you yourself blocking yourself or the devil, he is faithful and true to reveal by shining his light in your situation.
      Father in the might name of our Lord Jesus our savoir, I ask you speak light into F.E situation and bring every darkness work into your light, for you reveal to heal him or her today, in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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