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      I am older in my years, and I have been waiting and seeking God for a wife. It seems as if ministers of all kinds do not have a desire to pray for people who are believers for a spouse. Why? It perplexes me. Perhaps they are satisfied with their husband or wife and see no need for the other person in their needs as such. Yet, we find that a spouse is an inheritance. If Abraham never sought a wife for Isaac, the promises of God would not have been fulfilled. This is also the same for Isaac. God has shown me that he has someone for me. That is not what I want prayer for. I want prayer that I would meet the one that God has for me. Why am I asking those in ministry to pray for me for a spouse. God has a calling for me in my life. I will never enter into that calling until I have a wife that God has for me. I am just asking a simple request: “Pray for me that I would physically meet the woman God has for me”! Thats it……Is that really to hard to ask!

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      Sarah Peri

      I ask you to join me in FAITH to ask Lord Jesus to lead me to my Husband.The ONE thing God told me is that my husband has a heart of God. I believe the Word of God wholeheartedly and therefore every promise He has made regarding marriage,I pray it’s fulfilled to me NOW. My children and I have been trusting God for the “Loving Dad” and my “Loving Husband for 10year now if not more.In FAITH I trust you will intercede for me too that before the end of this year 2023 I would have met my Boaz. I praise God in advance and I thank Him, because two is better than one. In Genesis 2:18 He also says it is not good for a man to be alone, I’m ready to be my husbands helper..Please pray that His Word lis fulfilled in my life, in order to do Gods Work to all nations.

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