Please help me with this dream. God bless you.

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      Ashleigh S

      Hello I’m looking for insight into this dream from other believers. If you feel the Holy spirit giving you a word of knowledge for me I would be thankful. I don’t normally share my dreams openly. This one feels like I need to share it. God bless and thank you.

      Last night I had a scary dream. There was a tidal wave and it was dark green but I could see people trapped in it. But this tidal wave was different. It was flying through and freezing and then it would return and come back over and over again. It was like something was triggering it. At times it came through fierce and other times it was subtle. I remember when it came flying towards me fiercely I was standing in a town. I raised my hands and the tidal wave froze Infront of me stopped and returned. It felt like this water wanted to consume everything.

      People that got caught in it it looked like they were frozen in time. They didn’t move and were trapped in it in various states. Some with expressions of fear, others more calm, some going about their day etc.

      I remember during one of the waves the water covered me and I was in it at some point but then the water released me and pulled back and I didn’t get hurt but others remained trapped. They were terrifyingly beautiful. I was afraid but I also felt awe.

      I looked out over the hills and they were lush green. I was looking for God and patiently waiting for him on top of a hill overlooking the other beautiful hills and then I heard his voice. I heard him in my spirit. He said time is running out. People need to get ready.

      The water was like a river green colour. But the green although dark I was able to see in it clearly like it was transparent.

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      Hello Ashleigh,

      Thank you for sharing your friend’s dream about you with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Reflect about what’s happening in your life and people around you and here are some rhetorical questions.
      1)What could the green wave represent?
      2) Is your raised hands (in paragraph 2) that of authority as in “stop” or surrender? The answer will determine the action/posture you need to take as it pertains to the “green” wave that is affecting others and attempts to engulf you.

      You are waiting on God but God is waiting on you although you are in a state akin to Psalm 23. Adopt the right action or posture as per the honest answers that you give to the aforementioned questions.


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      I wonder if it could be waves of curses and some people are oblivious and others not so much

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      Dear Neva, based on your responses to a couple of recent dream posts, I would suggest meditating on Romans 12:2.
      Truly, in Christ there is freedom.

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      Hello Ashleigh.
      God gave you the interpretation in the dream.
      He is returning. People need to get ready.
      No matter where they are or what they are doing. He will return.
      Humble yourself before Him. He is returning!! Yay!!

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