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      I asked God in prayer what was going on now in my life and this is what I dreamed. It was me and two of my sisters somewhere I don’t remember. There also was a woman there who worked at the Post Office as Desk Clerk but she didn’t like my family. The lady then start working at Burger King with one of my sisters as a Manager. The lady was known to work witchcraft. I then noticed that a lady that I attend church with was there in my dream, and she wore a necklace in the shape of a star. I told her that I over heard the other people was over there doing witchcraft and they were going to send for us, but I wasn’t going and she agreed with me. I then noticed the lady walking towards me and my two sisters with a device in her hand (silver with blue handles). I was walking behind my sisters and all of a sudden I notice I was in the front of my sisters and I took the device out the woman’s hand and I beat her with her own device. I then dreamed in the same day that I was at Burger King and there was this nice looking man there who was a stranger who was trying to hug and kiss me. I immediately pushed him away from me. I ordered 27 items from Burger King. As I was leaving I noticed the strange man did not want to get my phone number, but whatever his motive was he was trying to do it publicly.

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      Please take this to the Lord before agreeing or disagreeing with this interpretation:
      Phil 2:14-16 The dream has to do with the methods of communication (social media perhaps) and the places you and sisters go to get your sustenance (word, knowledge, information). The enemy is always against families and will seek to create dissension. Keep praying for your family and seeking agreement with believers who cling firmly to the word of life; this is how you beat the enemy at their own devices. Consider where you go for information and do not go back to the places where there is gossip, complaining, and arguments or you may attract unwanted attention.

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