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      Dream started out my husband was out of jail. Husband were driving a car I was in the front passenger side , then there happen to be a guy who was to sit behind me or in the backseat. What I proceeded that this guy i not sure who he was, fekt lije he was like a guard that monitored, my husband out of jail.yet later I thought either he could mean the Lord protecting not sure who he was.

      Anyhow we drove to the beach or was at the beach where I saw us walking on beach or how I knew was because all of a sudden I had a pen in my hand and I was to write the word Yes on inside or palm of my hand but as I was writing the first letter the pen flipped out of my hand and went onto the sand so thats how I knew we were on the beach or sand. Then I grabbed the pen was walking towards ny husband to show him my hand or palm where the first letter Y for yes I was writing

      Now I do not know the question in the dream but you my husband asked me a question and I was writing the word yes on my hand.
      Next scene we were at the car, my husband were getting in drivers side I was getting in passenger side but I notice the other guy was holding the door for me to get it.

      End of that

      Then as I was drifting in n out of sleep then next I got this scene I was in maybe to look like my moms house cause I saw the dining table. One of my older sisters I hadn’t seen in awhile she was sitting at the table and I believe my son was there cause I was gonna sit at the table and share with my sister whats been going on in life. when my son was gonna sit in the closes chair so I moved around to the other side of table to sit. Yet It seemed like my son didn’t sit down. End of that I woke up.

      Now in real life I hadn’t seen my older sister in awhile well supposedly she is flying out to see my mom I think in July. or June. So not sure if that had to do with time line or not in dream. Just a thought. In real life my hubby is in jail, accused of doing something he didn’t do. He is innocent but a trial coming up in May. So not sure if this dream fits in. But I would like some help in understanding dream

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      Hello OnAJourney,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Perhaps the dream is a caution not to be too quick to make a commitment of some sort . Take it to the Lord first.



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