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My Marriage, against Witchcraft and familiar spirits

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      Vivian H

      Please pray for my marriage, l dont have a biblical reason to end my marriage * no abuse no adultery* but years of a grown man wasting time and not improving his life so that l dont have to pay everything. I am soooo miserable after 29 years of marriage that the only way out is to die and l dont want to die. Its so hard to pretend to be ok. Please please please pray for me…l am a prayer warrior but cant always fight alone….pls lm so done.

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      Lord I pray if vivian’s spouse is living in childish ways holy spirit bring correction and show him your word says to put away childish ways.i pray if there are things in his past that need to be healed in him reveal that and bring about healing in his life. Lord I pray you lift the burdens vivian has been carrying.i thank you lord you are bringing relief to her in some form or fashion.i thank you lord she is jumping in the yoke with you now.she is taking on your yoke is easy. In yeshua name.

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