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      In my dream, I was going to see my biological father (deceased) to tell him that I had forgiven him for that he done to me growing up. I found is house and it was huge in size. The garden at the front of the house was so beautiful and an unusual plant grabbed my attention. I stopped on the gravel path to look at it and then a flower stem stared to come out of the centre of the plant spinning around and up about 1 metre in length and it was furry. It popped out a flower head and it broke open and the stem bent over and I could properly see the flower. The flower was like the size of a dinner plate and was cream in colour and the 5 cylindrical tubes were spaced evenly around the flower. They looked like marshmallows that you would eat. The side were a light purple and the tops black.

      I went into the house and the rooms were extremely large and sparsely decorated. In one room there was a very long bench running all the way along one wall and there were plants that needed to go into pots. All the equipment was there as well as potting soil. I started to pot up the plants and all these hoity toity women came into the room asking what I was doing there. I told them that I was here to see my dad and they took everything away that I had been doing.

      I saw my dad and asked him if we could go outside on the grass and talk as I had something to tell him. He came outside with me and I told him that I forgive you for all that you had done to me. He put his arms around me in a hug and I cried for some time.

      A second dream that I had was that I looked into a mirror and my hair turned instantly white.

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      Hi L.
      This is a beautiful dream.
      It looks like you have forgiven your Father.
      You had all the equipment needed to start “growing things”.
      You are definitely on the right track.

      And the dream after when your hair turned white means “wisdom”.
      This means you were very wise to forgive.
      This dream is pretty straightforward. So not much interpretation needed.
      Great dream.

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      Hi SM,
      Thankyou for your words.

      Bless you

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