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      My children and I took part in the 2023 Daniel fast, which they fasted for only three day( as the Lord put it in my heart, but they stick with diet until the 7 days). We were trusting God for a good school my daughter high school as she is about to go the 9th grade.
      Before the fast we looked at various schools and she shadowed some of them which were disappointing, and there was one particular one that we did not registered that was a good one due veil in my eyes, and this is close to the current school she is attending.
      Anyway in the end we registered and pray for God to choose the right one for her. After the fast my daughter started having attack in her school, she was called names and told she was underweight, an another not so good school in neighborhood asked for us to enroll and even if we don’t , they will still enroll and choose her electives; she had the same request in her school even she told her teacher she already done it, her teacher insisted that she must register again. And this was none but the devil but we have no notice but leave it in the hands of God Almighty. Also, God tried to reach out to me in dreams about her attack from the devil including through numbers, but I was overwhelmed with myself, so I could not interpret the dream properly as I was always saving a girl in my dream that looks like my niece, so this confuses me even more.
      But God of mercy brought everything to light this Friday about what going on with my daughter and we prayed and I encouraged in God’s word and told her the devil is after her because God is about to give her a good school and the devil does not want her to have it and therefore making these children to make her angry, resentful and sad so she won’t receive her gift from God.
      I make her put on the full armor of God by Nicole Murray every morning including her brother and me on behalf of my husband and she is now feeling better and I told her to forgive all of these children of their mean behaviors and explained why and she listened.
      So, yesterday January 24,2023, I got an email from this charter school that she was accepted and we can register her for 9th grade. The devil failed again and Jesus won again. Praise the Lord. He loves his children and wants a better future for them, I thank God I include my children in Gods walk with me, so they won’t lose anything from his gifts whiled they are young up to old age in Jesus name. God bless MOP

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