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    I have waited a very long time to get married, and it’s really difficult to see most of my friends married with children while I’m still waiting to meet someone. God gave me a strong desire to have a family, and I’m unsure why He hasn’t drawn my husband and me together yet. It just makes me more and more anxious as time passes. I really want to have someone to share my life with, and I’m feeling very lonely. It’s hard for me to understand why God created marriage yet He hasn’t provided a husband for me yet. It has been exhausting going through life alone. Please pray that God will unite me with my Christian husband soon and that we will serve God together, enjoy spending time together, and have confidence in each other. Please pray that we will also be attracted to each other. This has been weighing heavily on my heart for a long time.

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    Bonny, I totally understand how you feel because as a 31 year old single mom, I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who is going through this season but that’s the enemy whispering false claims into my mind. Know that you are not alone and God hears all of your prayers, he sees your tears and frustration and he has already designed just the right man for you. Stand firm on God’s word, his promises, and keep fighting for everything your heart desires. I am praying for you and hope you will update this original post on your wedding day:)

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    Judith Aberdeen

    Dear Bonny, I am sorry for what you are going through. But have faith in Jesus that he has already made your request known to the father. Remember Abraham and Sarah had their first child at age 90. Wait for Gods time and trust him. Keep seeking him, listen to him and dont let your friends marriages and children distract you from what God is about to give you, just focus on him and let his will be done. I pray that Abba Father gives you content heart, patient, a ear that hear his voice and eyes that sees his plan for you,and trusting and deligent spirit like Abraham in Jesus name. Believe and you shall receive

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    May request is I get married before the end and may husband be God fearing

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    I pray for a patient heart a heart focused on God’s promises for your life. Love God with all your mind, body, soul and spirit and He will provide a husband according to His purpose. A God fearing man that will seek the kingdom first as well and complement your ministry in Jesus name!

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    i pray that God will make a way for my marriage foundation to be established. to have a wedding. we have cohabited for so long and he seems not interested in making things right.

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    Bless you Bonny,
    God is the creator of marriages.
    I pray for a man hand picked by Him for you. I also pray for your Union. A Godly union. His time is the best, so despite most of your friends being married, it doesn’t mean He’s forgotten about you. He just has a different timeline for you.
    I pray for this time of waiting to deepen your relationship with Him.
    God bless you.
    Will look forward to celebrate your union with you.

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    Hey Bonny, Praying for you that the Lord will make all things beautiful for you in his own time. Pray and wait on the Lord patiently and expectantly wait he has not forgotten you.

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    Bonnie- God has been preparing you to be the wife for the Son he will send you. He is your husband for now. He will heighten the spirit of discernment in you , so when your husband comes you will know he is from GOD. He is coming, you can trust and believe in GOD for him. Do not let doubt creep in. Stay steadfast and unmovable on the word of GOD and his promises are yours.

    God Bless you and the your Godly Husband GOD is sending

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