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      I have had a few restless nights. It always felt like there was a man in my bedroom. Last night I had another one of those dreams,I dreamt that I was sleeping but in me sleeping I felt the presence of a man in my bedroom and I was very uncomfortable with it because it felt asif he was going to get into bed next to me. In my dream, I sat up in bed, called out my 18 year old son’s name and asked whether he was in my bedroom. I could feel that it was not my son but I called out his name in order for me not to be too afraid. When I called out my son’s nname, the feeling of an unwelcome male presence dissappeared. I woke up and was afraid to fall asleep again. Right now it is 03:01 am and j am too afraid to fall asleep. I will sleep when the sun comes up.

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      Wow, sounds scary!!!
      Well I’m just here to encourage you. Sounds like spiritual warfare. Not sure what kind but just want you to know that Praise is a weapon and Joy of the Lord is our strength.
      I went through a series of similar dreams that were almost”real” etc. I eventually put on praise and worship music to fall asleep to. If I kept having episodes in the middle of the night I would just start singing and Praising God.
      Started to go away after that.

      Hope this brings some peace:)

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