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      The vision of March 3, 2022, “Making a Distinction”:
      I was in the shower, having two young kids, it’s where I get to worship and pray without interruption, I was giving my cares to the Lord about the economy, the future of my kids, the stock exchange craziness of a Shemitah year, the war in Ukraine, the coming together of of Rosh (Russia) and Chittam (China), the threats of China attacking Taiwan.. I was feeling a bit

      overwhelmed. All of a sudden I heard the words, “I’m about to make a distinction between My people and the world as I did with Egypt and Goshen.” Just as I was about to meditate on what it could mean I entered a vision. I was floating over Egypt and the Lord, though I didn’t see HIs face, I knew it was Him. Jesus was saying , “I’m making a distinction between My People, My Remnant and the world as I did with Israel and Egypt.” I was looking down at the plush green pastures and healthy animals of Goshen, then at the decimated land of Egypt. There were stark differences, a clear distinction. Goshen prospered, Egypt was in ruins. Jesus said, “There will be no lack with My chosen people, My Remnant. They will eat, they will buy while clothes sell. They will know me deeply. They will be under my protection and authority. But, they must be fully devoted to Me. There must be no compromise within them. All their faith must be in Me. They must speak boldly for me. No idols! No clinging to the past or traditions. I want My Remnant, My people to be free in all ways. Moses and Aaron were my witnesses as well as the elders. My prophets of this age will be supplied and kept safe in the caves as they speak boldly for Me. I will watch over My people, My remnant. They will not want. They will eat before their enemies. My rod and My staff protect them. My Remnant are those in this season who live devoted to me, speak for me, and are prepared for this season.” He took me over America and the American church. There were two factions in the American church, one in rags and one clothed in white with the Armor of God on them. He said, “I’m making a distinction between My Remnant and occupiers, those who occupy space in the church but do nothing. There’s no works that will withstand judgment. If they do not repent and become active they will be removed. I am making a distinction. But to those who are My Remnant, they are known by me.” I went to ask him questions, but He was already gone. This vision took maybe five minutes.

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      Hello Frank,

      Thank you for sharing your vision with us. I really don’t think an interpretation is required. It appears to be an encounter of the Lord giving your information for your knowledge, instruction (for self and others), assurance, and encouragement.


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