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      1st dream My husband and I are sleeping on a mattress outside. Then it starts to pour down raining. We come inside the house mattress is still outside as rain pour down.
      2nd dream right after the 1st dream. We’re gather with other Saint in a place of worship there are many people there it is like a mega church it is packed with people .,I am not feeling the presence of God there. I get up from my seat because I see someone I recognize I go to talk with them when I return back to my seat someone else is sitting there and my purse isn’t there I ask the person if they have seen my purse she said no. I’m concerned about my purse because there is a lot of money in my purse and personal items. we are prepared to leave my purse is a Beautiful gold purse small in size soas we we prepare to leave I’m prompted to stop by the welcome center there and iam handed my purse it was there kept safe to be claimed by rightful owner.
      End of Dream

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      Hello VC,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      There will be public display of financial blessing. What is yours is yours and will be kept safe by the Lord despite appearances. Be encouraged and praise the Lord!


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      I had a dream that I was at the doctors. The room was full of black desks and it was pretty much empty (looked like a class room like in a university), then the doctor gave me a check up. I told him my lower back hurted sometimes and he told me to go for a blood check. Then other colleagues of his entered the room, they all looked young and every one was dressed in white. then most of them left, but a woman doctor stayed. she started talking with my doctor that was also young and dressed in white, and told him that I was beautiful. Then they both turned to me and the woman physician asked me what I was doing in life. As i replied that i am currently studying a bachelor degree to become an elementary school teacher, the both looked at each other and smiled. I felt like i was missing something, like maybe there is more to it. Then as i turned and looked through the window I saw a woman entering the ER, she was in a bed. ON the street two children were left alone.

      that’s all, blessings to you.

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