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      Jennifer Krigbaum

      Remember being with my Christian sister who is in full time ministry. We were spending time together and I watched her walk into a doorway that was covered with thick spider webs. It was evening time and dark outside. The door was closed and I knew it was locked. It was dark brown door covered with thick cob webs and we were standing on the outside of it. I helped her come out of that place and we started walking down a road or path together I remember that her hair looked good and I was wondering if it was a wig or not it seemed like her own hair. My minister friend is in her 80’s and wears a wig in real life.

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      Hello Jennifer,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Your friend might be walking into or involved in a web of deception and/or witchcraft or experiencing something dark (could be demonic oppression/mental illness) of some sort. You will witness all of this but walk with her through the journey of recovery. The wig may suggest that she is putting up a fake facade, things are not as they should appear. Pray for her fervently.


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