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      Good morning, I am asking for prayer for my parent’s health. My mom and dad both have pacemakers now. My dad is having issues with his lungs. He smoked for many years and he quit about 10 years ago. My mom has stopped and started several times and is still smoking. My dad was also exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and had a traumatic injury in Vietnam. He had 7.000 lbs fall on top of him from the back of a C-130 (Airplane), he had a head, back, knee and rib injury from the accident. He had blood coming out of every hole in his body. He was in ICU (field hospital) for 30 days then shipped to Japan. After 90 days he was released. He has suffered from these injuries from years but still served in the Air Force, Army, National Guard for 28 years and was also sent to Desert Storm. His lungs are getting real bad. They are calcifying (filling with calcium/hardening) and he cannot walk far without being out of breathe. They have given him oxygen (portable and in his house) but it has really slowed him down. I am praying for God’s miraculous healing. I know God can do the impossible. My dad will have to step down as Fire Chief, as he has been in the fire department for many years after he retired from the military. I know God still has work for him to do and I pray the oxygen he is getting daily and strengthen his lungs. I know I am praying for a miracle knowing and trusting God in all things. Thank you!!!

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      Jehovah Raphe,

      I pray in agreement with Ronda and thank you for the miracle of sustaining her parents and granting them the gift of life. I thank you for how you have blessed them with strength and how you have and continue to carry out your good, and acceptable and perfect will in their lives. You are the great Physician and we petition you for miraculous healing for Ronda’s mother and father. We pray that Ronda’s mom no longer desire smoking and that you restore her parents’ well-being, lungs and any and all parts of their bodies that need your healing touch. Sustain and lengthen their lives so that they may testify to your power and grace upon their lives. In Jesus name, amen.

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