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      Grace Jordan

      I woke up at 2:15 am and prayed, then went back to bed. I woke up again at 3:03 am and talked to Jesus about some events of my life, especially my childhood, then went back to sleep. While sleeping, I felt a shift in the room, like there was a sound of strong wind and speaking of tounges. I felt in my spirit that Jesus entered my bedroom and hugged me, and hugged Him too. I heard a song being played, and a beautiful and serene voice of a man, and the song says “The Wind of the Spirit is Blowing on you.” Then I started to dance with Jesus, I can see my whole body but I can’t see Him, just felt and He left and woke up. I was totally shocked but full of joy, Oh I can’t believe it, can’t explain my feeling. It was Day 4 of Fasting (Worshipping God and Dream Activation). I am so blessed and grateful to MOP for providing service like this. Thank you so much Nicole and to the intercessors pray and prayed for me. God bless us all. To GOD be all the GLORY!!!

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      Hello Grace,

      Thank you for sharing your encounters/experience with us. It sounded like you had a splendid experience and I pray that is the beginning of many such encounters with our Precious Lord and Saviour. No interpretation needed 🙂


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