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      Here is the dream:
      I had a dream I was in Ethiopia 
      The dream flashed from scene to scene

      I was with a big group of people preparing to go to London and there were a lot of people in the very large house or banquet hall type of a place I was in, kind of average or simple, but at the same time very large and mansion like… lots of people including different people in the neighborhood we are preparing to go and we all are preparing for the trip. A close friend of mine in my real life-like a sister (who is Ethiopian)”Jenny” was with me as well.
      Everyone took showers, got dressed up, makeup and everything we were all wearing beautiful clothing ( kind of Ethiopian in style but more ornate).

       I see a preacher/pastor that was there with us in this huge room preparing to go to London and I was talking to him and it was kind of like we knew, God has something for us to talk about…we felt like we had met before
      -I told the preacher/ pastor about some item I had and that I had gotten from Jenny. He mentions something about finding an item…something about a hat or some type of item he was looking for… I brought him back to an area in the large house to get it and oh my Gosh – Jenny is just prophesying and preaching and oh my gosh ! she started talking to the kids in the space telling them kids can’t run in and out of the room – she says “I can’t do this, these kids are running in the room get them out of the room so I can say what I have to say.” Basically so she can prophesy. LOL it made me giggle how forceful and commanding she was…and she was very boisterous and very assertive and is insistent about what she was saying out with was talking about! she was telling people “you will do this and that and you will be here and there, etc…” and things like that.

      ***Prominent in the dream: THE BOAT:

      Then all of us dressed up, headed to and boarded this boat/vessel and were all on this very very large boat-like vehicle or vessel but it wasn’t like a regular boat -it was basically invisible. I feel like when we first went to it it may have had a faint outline and looked like a regular large solid boat but when we started boarding it became invisible … You could see how the people were seated in it as if in a boat on top of the water, but you could not see the structure of a boat.
      This boat was different in another way too, low to the ground/water and some of our legs were underneath ‘the boat’ and in the water but you couldn’t really feel it.

      NEXT scene:
      ***Prominent and highlighted in the dream:

      When we are on this boat of sorts, we all have GOLD HEADPIECES, they were very ornate very beautiful headpieces… what stood out about these headpieces are they were VERY beautiful ORNATE and GOLD and they were intricate GOLD FEATHERS ENGRAVED/embossed into the headpieces. In the dream, there was a lens view and a ‘zoom in’ on the details of the crown(s). On ‘the boat’ we were sitting on the water and some were rowing.

      Next Scene 
      ***There was a formation we were sitting in. There was a wide berth of people on this ‘boat’ you could not see. We were in rows in a triangle formation shape -like the formation birds make when birds fly but we were on top of the water and some of us, we were on top of the water pretty much and some had their feet and legs in the water. There were some people in the middle of the triangle that were kind of kind of higher like a bit higher up we were on the water in the triangle or ‘V’  formation kind of like this but the V or triangle is filled in with people. 

       but stacked in our seating positions in slightly elevated levels as if we were on bleachers like some rows in the middle the people were slightly elevated by rows like it like a sports bleacher would be.

      I’m in the middle section looking at everything trying to figure it out.

      After we traveled for a while
      I went to the captain’s area/deck.

      I was kind of concerned about getting in this life vest because I can’t really swim and I ask the captain some kind of question like where are we or something, the captain says “We’re very close, it’s very close…” and I’m like thinking to myself, how is London close to Africa? but Back in the hull(?) of this see-through boat there were some people that were rowing like in the old movies, and they were all rowing slowly (?)

      On the boat there were certain persons in certain places and assigned to positions. One position was rowing, GIANT big oars and rowing it.  The people and me and others, we were all in one accord we were like rows and rows of people, and if one person or rower would turn to the left with the oar, all of us would turn to the left at the same time …

      Next scene:
      we were close to shore. We were washing ashore riding in on this boat you cannot see, 

      Last Scene
      PROMINENT: and getting out onto the shoreline still in beautiful clothing and our crowns…and something about the shore it had gold and some other kinds of precious sparkling metals we were walking in the water getting out of the boat. We were in the water as the water was washing over at the bed of the shore/land and over our feet and lower legs…We could see it was glowing and luminous… there were grains of golden metal and sparkly jewel-like sand floating in it….it was mesmerizing and sparkling, (wow) right where the water and the shore met the land. There was like this gold plating underneath it and the water was washing on it and the sand was coming into three / the sea ….and then I woke up.

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      Hello Prism,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Two rhetorical things that came to mind for you to reflect on are:
      1) Are you in need of God’s direction for your life? If, so, this is what London may represent.
      2) What does Exodus 28:36 mean to you in the context of your life and dream details?


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