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    I dreamt a man was talking to me about marrying his brother.  Took me around to where we would be living. He said that the family welcomes me but i should not expect them to like everything of me. If i wanted to leave then I am free to leave but i should leave everything as is take nothing besides the changes i made or bought. Then we when walking around it was like a traditional wedding ceremony,  where people would pin money on me. Then someone touch my stomach and jump /i woke up
    Can you please provide some insight to what this dream means.


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    Hi Steff,
    First, it is hard to interpret a dream without talking to the person. Everyone has a different meaning for things in their life and which represent different things.
    Your brother, I am assuming is someone very close to you. It could be a natural brother or someone else. It seems that you desire a type of partnership. A parentship or something that we are about to embark upon is the representation of a birth. So it could be that God is telling that through someone that is close to you will help or you two together will birth something. What ever you gift or talent God is about to open a door.

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