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      Daisy Wardani


      When I interceeding for Indonesia. I had several visions and dreams that until now come to me like a puzzle.

      It started few months ago until now.

      I had this dream about Abraham Lincoln came to me and he taught me about war strategy for Indonesia. All I remember is that Abraham Lincoln held national prayer day and he was one the US president that pray.

      Not so long after, i had vision a black eagle came to my kitchen window and drop me this book. I took it and in the cover it said God’s war book. And then I open the first page and it was printed ACEH which is the Western farthers point of Indonesia. The province implement Islamic syariah law.

      After 2-3 weeks, the same bird came and gave me a heart ❤️ which I understood it was “heart of compassion”. And moving forward few days, the second province of Indonesia after Aceh came into my mind which is NOrth Sumatera – province next to Aceh.

      1 week after this, I saw that I hold an clock in my hand. Not digital but regular alarm clock. The color is gold.

      And that was it. For now… I’m sure there will be more dreams and visions to come.

      Fyi: Indonesia has 33 provinces to be exact.

      Thank you,


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      Hello Daisy,
      Thank you for sharing your vision/dream with us. It appears that you have a good understanding of what God is trying to tell you in terms of the strategy of what area to starting interceding for your country. Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you additional clarity as it pertains to Abraham Lincoln and the eagle. As you know he was an American president and the eagle is also a symbol of the United States, albeit not a black eagle. There could be a play on words as “the eagle has landed.” Time is of the essence to start praying ardently. Perhaps, study more about him in terms of how he led his country in his time and that might be an additional strategy and lift up the US in prayer as well.

      Another thing that came to mind is that you might be a watchwoman (clock) and the pun is intended. Please ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow in the Issachar anointing as they knew the time and seasons.


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