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      This dream I believe has two parts.

      The first part was:

      I was entering into the sanctuary of a church, a pastor that I know well was in the lobby with his female assistants (a young adult) and when he saw me he looked annoyed that I had showed up (His face had the look like why do you keep showing up).

      Next, I was in the sanctuary and the same assistant comes to me and says Bishop would like to speak to you and then he came over to me and said “You went to that Emmanuel Church to work in government and then you went over there(he pointed to a dark place in the sanctuary) and then he said but now its time for you to come back home!

      Then I woke up out of my sleep. I was shocked and emotional and how forceful he said it’s time for me to come back home. Note: I actually attend a church with Emmanuel in its name now.

      The second part:

      I was seated in the balcony of the sanctuary and the same Pastor was talking about where the earlier locations of the church were. He said we went from the one location to a different location (In the dream he said the actual names of the locations). And when he said the second location, he looked at me and smiled (note: In reality, I attended this church when they were at the second location. Back to the dream…The pastor looked at me and smiled and stood up and started walking up towards the balcony where I was. In the dream I thought..I know he is not coming up here to me is he! A lady stood up behind me and started talking about her experience at the first location. While the lady was talking one of the pastor’s male assistants came to me as I was trying to hide and said Bishop would like for you to speak on your time at the second. Then the Bishop came to me and gave me the mic. I was shocked he came all the way up to the balcony and I was nervous and said I don’t know what to say but when I said that and started talking I noticed a group of women formed a circle in the front of the sanctuary and started talking to each other because they were not happy I was chosen to speak so they tried to ignore me. Then a different group of 3 young women (that were in the balcony) started to try to prophesy over what I was saying so I could not be heard. The Bishop then rebuked the women saying you will not be disrespectful…I chose her to speak so let her speak. He said daughters listen to me don’t be disrespectful, let her speak.
      Then one of the three girls started to look sad (like pouting) and went to him and put both hands on each of his arms and put her forehead to his. The pastor then moved back out of her grip and said thats a sexual demon. When the pastor said that, the girl started to run out and I took off after her and began casting the demon out and the Pastor was casting the demons out of the other two girls at the same time. Once the girls were delivered the Bishop said I still want you to speak on your experience at the second location. I was shocked but I took the mic and I began saying Hallelujah really loud and multiple times. Then every one in the church started to sing Hallelujah to God be the Glory. The sound was so beautiful and in harmony. The Spirit of the Lord fell in the place and the people were worshipping and then when it calmed down I said “When I was at the second location the Lord provided everything that we needed. There was no lack. My tuition was paid, we had food and transportation. We were not just dancing and rolling around on the floor speaking in tongue…we were serving the Lord and HE provided for us. The same blessing is on this house today. The blessing is in the house, The abundance is here in the house! The Pastor smiled at me and everybody start to leave the service and one of the female elders in his church was dressed in the most beautiful bright white suit and had a on a white hat with diamonds or rhinestones around it …she took my hand and I said Oh God bless you sis and she said God bless you…the position is yours and then she let my hand go.

      I then woke up from the dream. Asking the Lord, what position is mine?

      Note: These dreams were about a week apart from each other. The female elder in real life is extremely close to the pastor and fiercely protective of him.

      I have prayed about the dream and looked up the meaning of white in the scriptures. As the whiteness of the suit was the only shade/color that stood out in the dream. I have been doing my best to search this out.

      Any Godly insight would be extremely helpful. I am praying to have this settled before the new year comes in. I believe this dream is speaking to my next(new) season/level in God.

      Please forgive any typos!!!

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      I pray this helps🙏🏾
      The 1st Part

      It seems you were sent out to spend time with God ( Emmanuel) and he has equip you to operate at a higher level in the spirit a governing level that exposes darkness within the church. The pastor was not happy at first possibly because of the assignment you came with.
      But he knew it was time for you to arrive.

      2nd Part

      The overview is you are being called to a higher level in the church. You were in the balcony which is higher in the spiritual
      Realm. The pastor coming up is representing God or Pastor in real life selecting you. It could also represent the Pastor needing to come to higher spiritual levels( not sure on that part)

      But God is calling you out of hiding it is time to
      Use your testimony to deliver the people from
      Demons and darkness. The enemy is forming a circle of spirits to try to attack or discourage you (the group of women) Also, false prophets who were the 3 women with spirits of lust. These are possibly people around you seeking glory and operating under a jezebel spirit. Though the enemy may try God is stepping in to protect you because he has chosen you
      And no one will stand in the way. When you open your mouth the glory of the Lord will begin to pour out over the people. You were brought to that location for elevation and
      A release over the Atmosphere and God/Pastor is well pleased. The woman is one of Gods servants telling you that it is your time to elevate to that position of authority in the church.

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      Sorry I needed to add. Are you called as a Seerer Prophet or into the prophetic at all?

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      Blessings DShaunte!

      Praise GOD! To GOD be all the Glory!!!!!

      Yes. I am called as a Seerer Prophet.

      This brings clarity and peace!! Thank you for allowing our FATHER use you to help me by bringing confirmation.

      I receive it in JESUS Name!

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