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      First part. I remember only the highlights. Seems I was in a house at a party and was attracted to a man across the room. Some guy got on the floor in an effort to get people to get up and dance. He pointed to me and then picked the guy I was admiring to hit the dance floor together. The guy was attractive, tall, and kind of big. When he pulled me close to him to dance, I was worried I would embarrass myself and would not be able to keep up with him. I was able to follow his lead perfectly. He threw his head back in a really funny way as we danced from room to room. It tickles me to think about it.

      Second part. In this part I was on a kind of fast moving bus or a train – not sure which. We were traveling through sandy red brick looking tunnels with oblong entrances in the daylight with other tunnels shooting off all around. I almost got scared until suddenly there appeared the most beautiful and extraordinary blue and white skies that were so gorgeous it seemed like I was in a photograph. I was able to completely relax and enjoy the ride.

      Last part. It appears I may have been in another country at a tourist site – or it could’ve also been Atlanta – but I’m just not sure. I was going up this seemingly never-ending staircase that seemed like it was going up to heaven. Again, it felt touristy like the Great Wall of China or something equally as great. I was talking to my play baby sis, Renee’, on the phone about how hard it was to get a charge account at Macy’s, and remember saying how glad I was they didn’t give me one. The conversation did not match up with the scenery at all.

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      I don’t know if you are married but the first one sounds like you are about to meet your someone. The second one tells that you will get to the right destination even if you are scared. The last one is saying you are going through or about to go through financial difficulties and you should not be opening any new credit card accounts.

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