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      This was a short dream. I was in a church with a very pretty satin cinderella type white grown on that had very shiny diamonds/rhinestones on it. The diamonds/rhinestones shined with beautiful rainbows when the light hit. In the dream, I am looking at myself thinking why do I have this beautiful wedding like dress on am I at a wedding?
      Then I look up and some kind of service, show or play starts. I said oh! A play. Then, this Bishop (I know him in real life) is dressed in a black and gold robe in the play enters the sanctuary and the rest of the cast follows him. I am standing there on the side. I am watching the play…I am not in the play and I try not to look at him but we make eye contact and he smiles at me and in the middle of the play he leaves off the stage and walks over to me and says how are you and very fast in a very low voice he asked me, what are you doing next week? Now, There were a lot of people around just walking by, talking to each other and some were even looking at us even though it was like they didn’t know what was happening between he and I although it was in plain sight. However, only I heard him when he asked me what I was doing next week and I said I am well, I hope you are well and I have some meetings next week but thats it and he said would you like to go out next week and I smile and said yes…yes I would. He looked and me and smiled and said ok next week then and then the dream ended.

      The white dress with the diamonds shining rainbows stood out to me. I know rainbows speak to covenant.

      When I woke up it was 1:40PM.
      I looked through the scriptures and didn’t find any scripture that I thought related to the dream. But…when I looked up 140 in the Strong’s in Greek it means “to choose” and in Hebrew it means “My Lord has arisen, head of the Israelite family”.

      Any insight as the Lord leads would be so helpful.

      Thank you in advance. Blessings.

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